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This won’t be the first time we’ve covered Adaptxt Keyboard, but the focus here is more so on the all new College Spirit themed keyboards than the actual keyboard app itself. Just like the original Adaptxt keyboard all of the College Spirit keyboards offer compatibility with 93 different languages, making it more versatile than most. They’ll also feature 44 industry-specific dictionaries. No matter what your school colors are, Adaptxt offers a keyboard for most major schools and is presenting these new keyboards just in time for March Madness so you can represent your team. Interested to know more? Let’s see what else the College Spirit keyboards have to offer.

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Before you can get on with sporting your team colors on your keyboard, you’ll need to download the College Spirit keyboard for your team from the Play Store. Once you have it installed, you can set it as the main keyboard and show off your team support anytime you send a text or type anything up.


With the College Spirit keyboards, suggestions as well as word predictions and corrections are university and regions based to help offer up a more accurate and seamless typing experience for users, while also showing off the graphics full of color and the school mascot/logo to let everyone know where allegiances lie.

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Adaptxt College Spirit keyboards also allow users to give their typing a personal touch. It takes into account the applications that you may be using at the time along with the way you type to feed you personalized word predictions.


As stated above, Adaptxt is all about compatibility. That’s why they offer one of the largest libraries of language support of many other keyboards with 93 languages supported in all.


Adaptxt also makes things personal for different industry professionals with industry-specific dictionaries, including access to keyboards for people in the IT, medical, legal, and business fields just to name a few.

Adaptxt college spirit keyboard

All of the College Spirit keyboards also feature the glide and gesture texting, which allows users to simply slide their finger across the keyboard from letter to letter to type out their words. You can even customize the Glide feature in settings and set up gesture shortcuts.

Adaptxt college spirit keyboard

I found the college spirit keyboards to be easy to use and surprisingly accurate when it came to typing. I was able to type things up fairly quickly with little to no error, which can be an important quality when you need to get out messages in a pinch. Although each separate college spirit keyboard costs $2.99, the capability to customize by choosing which school suits you best with a large selection at your fingertips was nice to see. The private mode was also a handy little feature, enabling users to turn off the keyboard’s learning capabilities at any time so it stops learning from your messages, emails and social posts etc.


  • Speed (5/5) – The speed of the keyboard was quick and navigating through the settings menu seemed to be fluid and seamless.
  • Features (4.5/5) – Adaptxt’s college spirit keyboards have plenty of features that any user should love, from gesture typing to region-based predictions.
  • Theme (4/5) – The theme for each school is well-represented displays school colors boldly
  • Overall (5/5) – Between the customization features and the prediction options, the college spirit keyboards have much to offer.


  • Support for tons of languages.
  • Keyboard features specific to certain types of industries making things easier for professionals.
  • Private mode to turn off the learning aspects of the keyboard.
  • regional-based dictionary and word predictions
  • Additional Keyboard skins for specific schools


  • Would like to have seen more school themes. Some users may not like that their school isn’t included.

Overall Adaptxt college spirit keyboards are a great little keyboard for Android. The ability to customize and represent your school’s team colors and mascot will be more than enough for some users, but the added benefits of region-based predictions and dictionary will be a huge help. The massive library of language support is also a big bonus allowing nearly anyone the ability to type with Adaptxt in their native tongue. If you’re a big college sports fan and will be knee deep in March Madness this month, one of these keyboards should fit right in to represent your team.

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